Meet Ozzy

Updated: Mar 9

For many personal reasons, we decided we wanted to have a protector we could count on. I contacted Robert Oliver from Liberation K-9. Working with him and discussing what we wanted, it was decided a working line German Shepard was the best way to go. With LK9's assistance, Cold Water was selected as our breeder. Mr. Oliver looked through all of the upcoming litters and a down payment was made. A few months later, eight puppies were born to the Jentry and Bolo litter.

When the puppies were five weeks old, two dog whisperers from Liberation K9 went to Coldwater to evaluate the litter. I received a text and a picture.

"Meet Ozzy"

The breeder that met with LK9 said they could tell that the whisperers knew what they were doing, and she hopes to work with them again.

After a few days, we realized that Ozzy was special. House breaking went smoothly and amazingly well, In fact, at the time of this post, Ozzy is twenty one weeks old and has yet to poo in the house.... yes, no accidents, not even once. He has peed in the house a couple of time but those were my mistake. In fact one was because I gave the command before we got outside.

I have had several dogs in my life, not to mention family member that have and do have dogs, and Ozzy surprises and amazes me on a daily basis. He has learned several "tricks", from simple things like learning to high five in less than twenty seconds (and still does it on command just as he did after the first 20 second training period) to the more complicated things like having him release an object in his mouth on command even if he is across the yard. This one took 15 minutes to teach.

We invested the money and enlisted help from professionals. The best way I can relay my experience is through a car metaphor. I asked Liberation K9 to help me buy a new dependable car, and they delivered a Ferrari that drives itself. My only problem is that when Ozzy lacks in anything, I will know without a doubt, I was the one that failed, not Ozzy

This is Ozzy at 8 weeks vs 17 weeks. What a beautiful dog!!!

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